Our Story

The idea of Fallbrook Cookie Company started from my happy childhood memories of a Baking cookiessecret family recipe that was handed down by my Grandmother.  She was brought up in a French Canadian family in Montreal and was an incredible baker.

The smell of freshly baked cookies brings joy to my heart as I remember my Mother teaching us how to make them.  My mother gave me the job as the taster as she taught us how to perfect the baking secret.

As a child I remember feeling that these cookies were so good that I had to share them with everyone!

When I was a young mother, I baked these cookies for my own children.  Hard to believe that such a healthy recipe could taste so good.

I used to bake the oatmeal cookies and bring them to work for holiday gifts.  People always wanted the recipe.  Since the recipe really is a family secret, I discovered a way to share it with them by creating a mix.  They loved it!  It also gave them the experience of baking happy memories with their own children.

In my office, I work with families going through divorce and separation.  I see many families who don’t have any special interactions that create happy memories.  I decided to offer my oatmeal cookie mix to share the experience of togetherness, joy and a delicious treat.

You’d be surprised what children remember.  I love to encourage family relationships though baking cookies.  It opens the possibilities for magic and loving memories of a lifetime.

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